The route: the Knossos Palace - a real Cretan Winery - the City of Heraklion

Visiting the archeological site of the Knossos Palace, perhaps, is one of the most interesting and popular excursions in the island of Crete. You will explore the place, which gave birth to the myths of the wise king Minos, & the Minotaur, the beautiful Ariadne & the brave Theseus.

Furthermore, this excursion provides you with an excellent opportunity to be acquainted not only with the history of the Minoan civilization, but also with the timeline of Cretan winemaking. Notably, you will visit a real Cretan winery!

At the end of the tour, the guests will have enough time to visit the historical & cosmopolitan Heraklion city - a perfect place to rest and go shopping.


P.S. The Cretan wine is a special landmark of the island! Truly, it is said that in the Bible, the word "wine" is mentioned almost 400 times!

Do not forget to bring along: Money for souvenirs & shopping, a bottle of water, a hat.


Duration: 6 hours.



If you wish to join a group: Contact us and we will select a convenient time and place for you to join a group excursion. The cost is from 32 euros per person.


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