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View of Kokkini Hani, Heraklion CreteKokkíni Cháni is a beach resort located 14km east of the city of Heraklion, on the old national road from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos. Its history as s resort stars in the late of 1960s when the electricity and telephone services reached this part of Crete, and the first hotels were built. Before it was the small fishing village with about 100 inhabitants.

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Kokkini Hani Beaches
Kokkini Hani Beaches

The main attraction of the Kokkini Hani area has to be sandy well organized beaches. The most beaches are in front of hotels, but access is open to everyone.


Kokkini Hani - Arina Beach


  • The main long (about 500 m) beach is located on the left hand side of the resort, it’s a glorious sandy stretch beach well equipped with parasols and sunbeds for hire. There are many beach bars with loud music and younger people may find it interesting. You can also visit the beach parties held on the beach at summer time.

Kokkini Hani Small Sandy Beach

  • Another small sandy beach is near to the Konaki apartments. It is quiet place where you can enjoy sun, see and try Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink called Frappe.
 Another sandy beach is near to center of Kokkini Hani
  • The beach near the centre of the resort, 50 m from Halkiadakis supermarket, is very quiet.



The beach in the front of Themis Beach hotel

  • The beach in the front of Themis hotel is also one of the most popular sandy beaches in Kokkini Hani. There you can meet the tourists and well as many local people.


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Kokkini Hani beaches awarded the Blue Flag for 2019

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