Kokkini Hani, Heraklion

View of Kokkini Hani, Heraklion CreteKokkíni Cháni is a beach resort located 14km east of the city of Heraklion, on the old national road from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos. Its history as s resort stars in the late of 1960s when the electricity and telephone services reached this part of Crete, and the first hotels were built. Before it was the small fishing village with about 100 inhabitants.

The present name of Kokkini Hani, meaning "The Inn of Kokkinis” where in the 19th century the farmer and travellers would stop to spend the night and have a meal. At the same time, their horses and donkeys would be tended to and fed, also. In that time the travellers had to spend the night outside the walls of Heraklion waiting for the gates of the city to open with the first daylight.

Today Kokkini Hani is a peaceful resort with one of the best sandy beaches in Crete, the ideal place to relax and enjoy your holidays. There are some large and luxury hotels and many smaller family owned ones, taverns, bars, restaurants, shops, rent a car offices and travel agents who offer a wide range of trips and tours. There are also pharmacies and doctor's offices. On the main road there is a nice little churchof Agious Anargyrous built on 1938.

If your looking to keep the kids entertained then you can take them to the local Ostrich farm, the only one on the island. Also you want more you can visit the Watercity waterpark, just a 10 minute drive up the mountain behind Kokkini Hani, or Crete Aquarium which was built quite recently in Gouves on the old American Naval base.

Also in the village there is an archaeological spot known as Nirou Háni, where the archaeologists found a well preserved Minoan villa dating from the New Palace period. The villa had two storeys, was about 1000 sq. meters large and had all the typical features of the Minoan architecture: two paved courts, connecting corridors, storage rooms, light wells, shrines, etc. About 40 tripods and huge double axes were found in some rooms, suggesting that the owner of the villa might have been a high priest. Like most of the Minoan buildings, the villa was destroyed by a big fire. The finds from the excavations are now displayed in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum.



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